Justifying why research is important can be difficult.

This is especially true when dealing with blue-skies research where applications and commercial routes are in the distant horizon. Meanwhile, blue-skies research is often the most exciting and most ambitious kind of projects one can work on.

A trade-off! It’s therefore pertinent that we plan, optimise, and clearly communicate our ideas and efforts to the various stakeholders (public or private).


When speaking to a specialised or otherwise audience, I always chose my words judiciously such that they are both accurate in describing the purpose, function, and reasoning of my research, but also, I chose my words such that they instil an expansive character, thus encouraging the audience to pause and think of the implications and potential impact of what is being proposed.

To date, I have presented, discussed and taught science in numerous international conferences, workshop events and fairs to the general public, university students, leading academics, VIP business executives, and members of the UK Parliament.

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EIC Pathfinder Innovative Enterprise Week - Bucharest 2019


 IT Weekend - Kiev 2018


Levitate Workshop - Brighton 2018